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DN150 Power Rack With Cable

  •  High/Low Cable Pulley Attachment
  •  Works with 2"/Olympic size weight plate discs
  •  Includes short bar and lat bar attachment
  •  Holds up to 180kg
  •  Multi Grip pull up bar

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RRP £950.00
Only £499.95
• UK Company • Quality assured
• 30-day returns

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The DN150 Power Rack is an outstanding new addition to the incredible DN Fitness equipment range. We have listened to our customers and produced a power rack which can fit nearly any home and give you the versatility you need to power any work out!

Perfect for beginners as well as seasoned athletes, this rack comes with a multi-grip pull up/chin up bar as well as adjustable safety bars and two adjustable bar catches. Using this rack within your workouts opens a pandora's box of opportunities to take your training up a notch or two.

Do not overlook the tricep dip bars which are perfectly designed to be adjusted to any height suits you best. Use these bars to target both your triceps or chest to full effect while mixing dips in with plenty of other exercises using the pulley system or rack.

The pulley attachment adds a whole new dimension to your workout by allowing you to use both upper and lower cable attachments. Who needs a full dual action pulley machine when you have both a power rack and pulley system incorperated into one! Beautifully designed, this attachment fits 2” Olympic Discs with a maximum weight capacity of up to 180kg / 400 lbs.