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DN50 Adjustable Squat Stands
You Save 26%
RRP £200.00
Price £149.00
DN100 Power Rack
You Save 33%
RRP £595.00
Price £399.95
DN150 Power Rack With Cable
You Save 47%
RRP £950.00
Price £499.95
20mm Gym Flooring 1x1m
You Save 30%
RRP £49.99
Price £34.99


Are you thirsty for results? An adjustable squat rack will take you there in no time!
DN Fitness stocks the best adjustable squat racks on the market, built to build and test your
strength on each and every workout. Made from premium quality steel materials with heavy-duty
construction, guaranteed to support your weights of choice.

What’s more? If you decide to build a squat rack yourself, they’re super easy to adjust, install and
stow away whenever you need to save space. Our squat racks cater to both standard and
Olympic size barbells depending on your preference. Supporting weights of up to 115kg, we’re
committed to equipping you with the gear you need to have a quality workout with peace of
mind knowing your barbells are secure.

One of the best benefits of adjustable squat racks is their ability to keep your form in top shape
throughout the duration of your workout. Whether you’re doing a deadlift, curtsey lunge or calf
raises, our adjustable squat racks ensure you hold your form on every squat.


Our power racks are packed with strength and density, supporting loads of up to 1000lbs. Power
racks make the ideal equipment for your own home gym, where you can perform chin-ups,
pull-ups, overhead presses and so much more.

Power racks tend to feature overhead dual-purpose bars that support a wide range of exercises
for your training. Just starting out? A lot of people opt to pair power racks with exercise bands
to give them an extra helping hand on each rep, taking that little bit more strain out of your
practise as you improve day by day.

Power racks allow for a 100% safe free-weight workout by cutting out danger hazards that could
cause trouble while training. This versatile machine is also ideal for back squats, front squats,
shoulder press and heavy rows, providing high-quality support from durable steel materials so
you can train solo in a safe environment.


Want to upgrade your standard power rack? Our Power Racks With Pulley Systems serve as the
ultimate all-in-one solution to your home workout equipment at your home gym. Featuring all the
same benefits as the classic power rack, the power rack with pulley system comes along with a
high and low cable pulley attachment, Olympic size weight plate discs and multi-grip pull-up bar
supporting up to 180kg.

The racks high/low pulling system allows you to level-up your workout with a variety of different
exercises for your upper body, core, lower body and back, with tricep dip bars that can be
customised to fit your height. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert – this is the ultimate power
rack to fuel your training sessions with efficiency and diversity.