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Flat Weight Bench
You Save 31%
RRP £150.00
Price £104.00
Foldable Weight Bench
You Save 26%
RRP £190.00
Price £140.00
Multifunctional Weight Bench
You Save 22%
RRP £250.00
Price £195.00
Pro Weight Bench
You Save 22%
RRP £449.00
Price £349.00

What home gym wouldn't be complete without a weight bench present? 

Having a weight bench in your gym is truly the corner stone of training. It gives you access to 100s if not 1000s of exercises from bench press to single leg elevated squats. 

If you are looking for a weight bench to suit you, you will notice there are a large selection available with varying prices. Choosing the right weight bench for you can be extremely difficult, but let us help you match the right one to your needs.

Standard Weight Bench

Although the name "standard" makes the weight bench seem simple, it is anything but that. By standard we mean it is classed as your every day bench that you will see in a commercial or home gym. These standard weight benches vary in many ways and you have a huge amount of options:

  • Flat bench - stays completely flat with no adjustability
  • Adjustable bench - Generally gives you the option to incline the bench to use for other exercises such as shoulder press or incline bench press. You can also get adjustable benches that have a decline setting.

Utility Weight Bench

 A utility weight bench opens up a wide array of exercises for you which can add new dimensions to your workout. Instead of buying large bulky pieces of kit such as a preacher curl machine or a leg extension machine you can get them included in a weight bench and quickly switch between exercises. 

A utility bench can include:

  • Preacher curl pad - this option sits in front of the bench allowing you to perform arm exercises perfectly. 
  • Leg extension option - Again sitting infront of the bench you can add weight plates to the leg extension part and comfortably work on your quadriceps.
  • Leg curl option - On the reverse side of the leg extension you can work on your hamstring with simple leg curls
  • Resistance bands - some utility benches have the functionality to add resistance bands to the fray. Making your workout even more dynamic and giving you access to a wider range of exercises.

Weight bench with rack

Lastly we have the option to use a weight bench with a rack attached behind. This offers you the chance to incorporate barbell exercises into your weighout without having to worry about lifting it off yourself afterwards. As this is a bigger piece of kit it offers much more stability and safety to your workout giving you the piece of mind that you have your own spotter behind you. 

A lot of weight bench rack systems also incorporate a small amount of utility too. Giving you the option of training your lower body and then quickly switching back to upper body too. This type of bench is seen as an all rounder and considered one of the safest ways to train alone.