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If you are looking to build a home or garage gym a rack and bench are your cornerstone of any set up. A rack is an amazing piece of kit which gives you functionality and can form the basis of any home gym.


This is your starting point, you build around your rack, whether this is a power rack/cage or a squat rack. The majority of racks are constructed from solid steel which allow you to squat and bench press with maximum safety. If you pick the correct rack, they will provide you with spotter bars which means you can train securely while alone. Some racks also include a pull up bar at the top adding another dimension to training, this means you do not just need to lift weights, you can work on lifting yourself!


Ever go to a gym and find that the cable machines are perfect for every situation? Here at DN Fitness we now give you the opportunity to use a pulley system which conveniently sits on the back of our OW150 power rack, giving you access to dozens more exercises. Find that you are leaving all your weights on the floor? Use the pulley system as a storage facility too when you are not lifting.


Now you have chosen the correct rack for yourself, you will need to finish it off with a weights bench which will help you perform certain exercises. If you are looking for the right weight bench you will know from scouring the internet that there is a large selection of weight benches in different price classes. Here and D N Fitness we have narrowed the selection down for you to several high-quality benches which we personally recommend ourselves after testing various brands throughout the years.


Before choosing the right bench for you, you need to think what exercises you are looking to perform and what kind of weight you are lifting during your home workout. Each bench is specifically designed with a maximum user weight which considers both the user and the weights being lifted.


Now we need to know if you want a functional bench which can decline, incline, and stay flat. If you need all 3 positions for your home workout, you are in the right place! Do not forget a bench is not just for sitting or lying on, you can also add attachments to help with different exercises. This is where the utility bench steps in giving you access to exercises such as a leg extension to target your quadriceps or a preacher curl pad for you to isolate your biceps.


Lastly you must think about how long the bench will last. We have all witnessed those old school videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger lifting heavy weights using a tacky old bench. Upholstery is just as important as anything when buying a bench for your home workouts. We want you to have peace of mind when purchasing from us, so we have gone that extra mile to ensure that all our weight benches have the best upholstery possible to withstand workout after workout.

Now you are ready! Just click above to browse our racks and benches and if you are still unsure just pop us a message on live chat, call or email us and we will be happy to give you some advice.