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Tower 200 Door Gym

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  • Tower 200 Body by Jake Strength Training Equipment
  • Door-based home gym for working upper and lower body
  • Slides onto any home, office, or dorm door within seconds
  • Multi-tension power cords provide 200 pounds of explosive resistance
  • Supports more than 200 exercises in all; durable steel frame

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Tower 200 door gym is the best an at-home solution instead of going to the gym to exercise. As a full-body home gym with a variety of attachments, this product eliminates the need for bulky gym equipment.

With an emphasis on weight training, this home gym for working upper and lower body can be installed on a door to save space, Slides onto any home, office, or dorm door within seconds.

Users can choose from a variety of resistance levels and exercises for optimal convenience and flexibility. Supports more than 200 exercises in all, durable steel frame Designed to provide big results within 30 days.

Customer Reviews

excellent home resistance gym

The band resistance Gym is terrific as well as simple to install and operate. It  will help you to avert any injuries you might receive due to lifting hefty weights. It includes some brief workouts that come with easy to understand programmes to adhere to, and it’s supported via an included DVD instruction that features sets to follow. You can finish this Gym workout in merely twenty minutes daily. You’ll feel lots stronger and healthier inside of several weeks. I greatly recommend it if you want a great cardio exercise and want to get toned up.

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This is the best excise tool you can dream of.

This product is a wonderful tool for folks like me that do not have the space for bigger gear or don’t have time to go workout at  gym. My gym membership recently expired, therefore, I gave it a try, and it’s wonderful. This item is exceptionally durable and made of top-notch material. I do not believe any kind of door should have an issue with it, unless it’s in bad condition. I installed it on my own door and I love it so much I plan to leave it there forever. It is very convenient. I can exercise any time I wish.

Also, it was a little confusing to install it, but that might be just me because other reviewers reported it was simple. Be sure to read all the cautions and instructions thoroughly. It really isn’t that hard and when you figure it out, it is pretty simple.

Something I will say I didn’t like is it has 2 hand grips and 22 ankle straps. I prefer hand grips and would have rather had four of those, as I don’t like ankle straps.  It feels a bit inconvenient to me because I must switch the grips on its top to the bottom of it when I need it. This happens particularly whenever I follow the DVD that comes with it. I have to pause the DVD, switch the grips, etc., and it takes time from my workout. Besides, the DVD shows Steve Maresca using four hand grips. If he does not need to switch grips, why do I have to do it?

Perhaps I’m merely being selfish, however, it makes sense and I’d have rated it five stars no matter about this. However, it doesn’t pack very neatly. It has a strong box; however its top is totally taped up and after you’ve cut that off to open it, it can’t be closed again. Plus the stuff inside is really wrapped up so much that it’s very hard to unwrap it, especially if you might be in pain or need to go to the bathroom.

Maybe that’s because I got mine used, however, it still works great. That’s fine, but that’s my only gripe.

If you don’t have a big enough budget to put together a miniature gym, or you don’t have time to go to a gym. Or you can’t do weights due to some sort of injury (like in my case) then this gadget is great for you. I hope you are able to afford a brand-new one. Good luck.

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Great bit of kit

This takes a little hard work to get it all put together. However, after you are through, it really accomplishes exactly what I needed. Plus, it decreases the room I needed when I was working with all kinds of weights and benches. It’s top notch workmanship just like I thought York should provide.

It really accomplishes the job

This item essentially works. It won’t work for professional bodybuilders; however it is great for average guys who just want to bulk themselves a little. I am gaining mass pretty swiftly. Installation was simple although not without a bit of muscle, particularly attempting to fit the bottom bracket.

Merely one negative thing to say. The bottom bracket was absent its soft padding (what you have to have in order to protect your door). So, I had to figure out how to put something there that did the same thing.

Overall, it performs how it’s supposed to and will provide a total body workout. You will, however, need to do cardio on your own somewhere else.