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Toning Resistance Bands

  • Material: 100% natural latex
  • Set of 5 - Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy
  • Workout anywhere - At the gym, home workouts, on the move

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RRP £24.99
Only £14.99
• UK Company • Quality assured
• 30-day returns

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Resistance bands offer an effective and easy way to strengthen your arms, legs, glutes and core with one piece of equipment. They are lightweight, versatile, easy to store and transport, allowing you to workout wherever you may be.

This pack of resistance bands comes in 5 attractive shades of pink, each offering different levels of resistances, making it suitable for both beginners and seasoned athletes. 

Customer Reviews

good set of bands

I am happy this set comes in 5 different resistances, it means I can work my way up to the extra heavy band.

Thumbs up

Good set of resistance bands, what's not to love ?

Great for clients

Told all my online clients to get a set of these to help with there home workouts. They have seen great results already!

Beautiful colours

I was so excited when I found resistance bands in this colour, I can't wait to start using them.


Beautiful colours and they have really helped me work my lower body while training from home.

Birthday present

My Partner bought me some of these for my birthday and it's safe to say he is in my good books.

Fab purchase

Great set of resistance bands. The pink pouch they come in is so cute and keeps them nice and compact.

Love the 5 shades of pink

Great quality and I LOVE the colours. I can't wait to start building my booty!