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Chin up Pull up Bar
You Save 33%
RRP £29.99
Price £19.99
Multi-Functional Pull Up Bar
You Save 14%
RRP £35.00
Price £29.95
Fitness Mad Pro Suspension Trainer
You Save 26%
RRP £115.00
Price £84.95


Bodyweight exercises are one of the most effective ways to build strength and muscle. If you’re looking to add some functional equipment to your home gym. Our diverse range of technical training products like chin-up bars and suspension straps will get you there in no time.

Why bodyweight training?

Firstly, when done right, bodyweight training burns major calories. Especially when you increase your reps, decrease rest time and throw in some functional training equipment to conquer your fitness goals. This type of training comes with an array of benefits that you can’t get with heavy weights. Bodyweight training forces you to improve strength, balance and flexibility in one. Which makes you a better and more all-rounded athlete.

Pull up bars

Chin-up bars are ideal for working upper body strength including your posterior deltoids, biceps, teres major and latissimus dorsi muscles on your back. They have the power to create an amazing physique and can be used from the comfort of your home. Chin up bars are enormously easy to install. Wedging between your door frames to provide a sturdy and solid base you can rely on. Our chin-up bars are the perfect home gym equipment. We produce them from premium steel materials that withstand frequent usage and heavy loads of up to 100kg.

Multi-functional pull-up bars come completely ready to use with no drilling, screwing or assembly needed. In a matter of minutes, simply hang it over your door to start your home workout and perform chin-ups and pull-ups to your heart’s desire. With an increased weight load of 130kg, DN Fitness’s multi-functional pull-up bars feature non-stick plastic handles with extra grip to ensure a safe and reliable workout.

Suspension training

Suspension straps are ideal for those looking to diversify their body training workout at home. One of the most powerful ways to torch your body, suspension straps help you build strength, muscle, burn fat and get your heart pounding with every rep! Our straps are tried and tested by the experts and support up to 1000lbs of weight, made from super technical polyester materials built for even the toughest of workouts. Featuring comfortable grip handles, our portable suspension straps are made to be trained anywhere.

To summarise when working out at home, bodyweight training is the go-to strategy to stay in shape during quarantine. Shop our impressive range of functional equipment above!