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Any modern gym or home gym will usually have a section littered with kettlebells. A kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle. They are available in a variety of shapes, colours, sizes and weights. While the majority of people believe they are used exactly like a dumbbell, they can be used to develop core strength, provide muscular development and improve your general grip strength. 

Grip Strength

As mentioned above kettlebell training can greatly increase your grip strength and help build powerful forearms. This is vital to all aspects of training, you may be able to lift a certain amount of weight, but having the grip strength to keep hold of the weight increases your overall performance tenfolds. This is due to the kettlebell possessing a thicker handle than your general barbell and dumbbell which makes it harder to grip and forces your hands and forearms to grip harder.

Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell usage is extremely versatile. It can be manipulated in various ways due to the design. This enables swining, pressing, carrying, throwing, pulling and even exercises which require stability.

You can design a complete home workout using just one size Kettlebell or go beyond and mix up the kettlebell weight to match the exercise you are completing. Although a kettlebell is classified as a functional piece of equipment you can use it for working hypertriphy, power, endurance or strength. It's only limit is your imagination.

Variable Load

A kettlebell gives you more variability and offsets the load creating the feeling that no one rep is ever the same. This will not happen when training with machines or even with dumbbells, meaning that a kettlebell will give you a better price per performance ratio. Due to the circular design with the handle at a different point it can help target numerous muscle groups and help you move through all planes of motion. Although if you truly desired you can strip things back and still isolate muscle groups easily enough.


A kettlebell takes up very little storage space so makes it a great piece of kit for a home gym with limited space. If you compare a 24kg Kettlebell to a 24kg Dumbbell you will find that it is much easier to place in the corner of your gym and sits very neatly.

Do not overlook the fact that you can purchase adjustable kettlebells which have several weights within one kettlebell. This removes the need to buy several kettlebell weights. With the twist of the lever you can change the weight size quickly and move straight onto the next exercise. This again means you can have a full range of weights within your home gym without taking up much space at all.

Kettlebell variations

Here at DN Fitness we stock several types of kettlebell which can cater for all fitness enthusiasts. 

Firstly we have your standard iron cast kettlebell which is sturdy, strong and does exactly what it is meant to do. Made from a high class iron it is extremely robust and can really take a beating. Most commercial gyms stock cast iron kettlebells due to the durability as it is used 100s of times per day.

Secondly we have the Vinyl kettlebells which have multicoloured vinyl coatings around the bell. This helps for the aesthetics of your home gym and can add a little flavour to your workout. The inside of the kettlebell is again cast iron meaning if you drop the weight, it'll be durable enough to never break.

Lastly we have the adjustable kettlebell as mentioned above. This kettlebell is for those who want to save both space and money with the smart design. This kettlebell enables you to become a magician of exercises with just a turn of the dial.