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Just to say thanks for the efficiency in the processing of my order. It arrived next day at 12:15
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Great customer service good price and delivered next day. would 100% order again.
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Many many thanks for all the good work and help you have given me. My order arrived today. So pleased. You're a real star.
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If you’re looking to improve your speed, agility, flexibility and coordination, functional training is guaranteed to take you there. DN Fitness stocks a range of functional training equipment to level-up your home gym workouts so you can look and perform your very best. 

Functional training serves many benefits for the body. Not only does it improve your cardiovascular health, but it is also proven to benefit your posture, range of motion, burn fat, and increase your athletic endurance. Home gym equipment like kettlebells, resistance bands and bodyweight equipment serves as the perfect companions to have a full-on workout without needing to step foot inside a gym.

What’s more, this inclusive training style is suited to anyone of any ability. It doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, all that matters is that you dedicate your mind and body to achieving what you set out to achieve (accompanied by the best home gym equipment in the game – right here at DN Fitness!).

Our kettlebells are ideal for warmups and supersets alike, being able to increase power endurance, build muscle and lean up all at once. Kettlebells are commonly used in functional training, with their cost-effectiveness and serious versatility. From Adjustable Kettlebells to Cast Iron Kettlebells, our products are crafted from the highest-quality materials to support an epic workout.

Body Weight Equipment such as Pull Up Bars and Suspension Training Straps are a great way to power up your strength and encourage flexibility. Since they don’t require a lot of space, they make brilliant home workout equipment being easy to set up and stow away as required. Bodyweight training in linear movements will maximise your strength and body control, so you can improve your technique on every session.

Last but not least, resistance bands are a great first step to take when starting your home gym. Resistance bands emphasise force on your muscles when training both the upper and lower body, and not only improve flexibility but also improving joint mobility as well. They maintain consistent tension on every rep, aiding muscle growth and fat loss simultaneously.

Our home gym equipment is ideal for your functional training at home. DN Fitness is dedicated to sourcing the highest-quality home workout equipment for our customers who want to start their own home gym without sacrificing on product versatility and technicality.