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Weight Bench Workout for Beginners

Starting On the Bench 

The weight bench is an excellent piece of equipment to take start with building a new body. A weight bench helps you get a better strength-training workout.

There could be some flat benches, some upright, while some with padded backs. You can even find the adjustable ones to slide them to an incline or a decline position.

Aren’t you sure how to use a weight bench at its best? Not a big deal! It’s just like a regular bench which people mostly use for sitting.

Today, we are here to help you find the best weight bench exercises to help you achieve drastic results. This beginner guide is specially sorted to initiate an impactful workout routine.

Just grab a pair of dumbbells and get yourself a workout bench, and here we go!

Weight Bench Workout for Beginners

  1. Chest – Dumbbell Bench Press

If you want to build your chest muscles, then a dumbbell bench press is a perfect option! It focuses on pecs, triceps, deltoids, and lats. Simply lay down on the weight bench, hold dumbbells in both hands while placing your legs on either side, keeping your feet flat to the floor.

You need to lift the dumbbell so that it keeps your arms straight and then moves toward the ceiling in a very controlled and calm manner. The arms should be straight right above the chest. Then slowing lower down them and repeat the process.

Pro Tip: Carefully adjust the gap between arms to work multiple muscles.

  1. Arms (Biceps) – Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls is a great way to build your arm muscles. It targets the big muscles in your arms. To perform this, sit on a bench, keeping your legs wide apart, flat touching the floor. Pick up a dumbbell with one hand, and lock elbow against knee joint on the same arm side. Remember to keep your wrist firm and controlled. Now raise the dumbbell to the shoulder and then lower it. While doing so, always keep your elbow pressed against the knee whenever you lift.

Pro Tip: Swap your arms while performing it. Place your hand on the thigh to improve the overall posture.

  1. Arms (Triceps) – Lying Triceps Extension

This exercise targets your triceps and shoulders muscles. To perform this, lay on a bench while keeping head at edge level. Grab dumbbells vertically in both hands, start moving them upwards towards the ceiling, and simply lift them over the head while your arms are bent.

You need to lift the weight behind the head to above the chest while keeping your arms out fully straight. You need to repeat this process.

Pro Tip: Initiate with light, and then gradually increase to main good posture.                         

  1. Back – Dumbbell Row

The weight bench is not just good for shoulders and chest muscles but also for back and dumbbell row. Straight upright and place left knee of weight benchtop while keeping right leg straight. This particular exercise works on rear deltoids, rhomboids, and trapezius. You may require to lean all your weight onto extended left arm and slightly pressed against the bench. Now extend the right arm toward down, and push the weight out towards the floor.

Pro Tip: Squeeze back muscles while lifting weight level with the chest.                    

These are some of the amazing exercises you could perform with a weight bench; it provides an extremely rigid platform to help focus on specific muscles easily.

Give this beginner guide a thorough read, and ask questions, if any!

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