Stay Fit During Lockdown

As we continue to battle the pandemic, your gym may be closed and it may not be safe to exercise outside of your home. If you can’t or prefer not to leave home – can you still stay fit? Yes, you can, and here are six training tips to help you stay fit without leaving the safety of your home gym:

Set Goals

What are your fitness goals during this lockdown? Weight loss? Adding lean muscle? Or maybe your goal is simply to maintain your current body weight while you work from home or spend too much time indoors. These initial fitness goals will help you plan and determine the amount of equipment and space you need.


Now use your fitness goals to plan how you will reach those goals. Are you most concerned with weight loss or cardio training? You might need a treadmill or stationary bike in your home gym. Or maybe you are more interested in building muscle. A modest but effective home gym might be your best option.

Find Your Space

Once you’ve set your goals and developed your plan, find the best space in your home to set up your new exercise area or home gym. This will be the space you will exercise every day to stay active and burn calories. If you’re limited on space, start with an area just large enough for you and your exercise mat.


Before you run out and spend a fortune on floors, mirrors and exercise machines, start with what you have and then a much smaller amount on simple tools you need to reach your goals. Start with an exercise mat for padding during your floor work (pushups, situps and crunches, etc.). Then add a kettlebell or adjustable dumbbells which can provide a full body workout. As your wallet and space allow, add additional functional and multi use training equipment to your home gym.

Go Online

Find online classes or coaches and visit any of the hundreds of fitness apps available on your mobile phone or the thousands of workout videos available on your laptop or tablet. You have your goals and space, now find fun and effective ways to get active, burn calories and stay fit. Choose activities like yoga or pilates, bodyweight training or a bootcamp, martial arts or boxing training, dance exercise or aerobics, or resistance training with your adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells.

Schedule It

Your goals, plans and equipment will be useless if you never use them. There are so many distractions at home to compete with your good intentions; kids, work, TV, dinner, etc. all make it too easy to skip your workout. You can combat these distractions by scheduling your workout each day and making your workout schedule sacred. Make the following commitment “At this time on each of these days I will spend one hour working toward my fitness goals.” Soon your new home workout will become a healthy part of your daily routine!

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