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Home workouts – The basics

Have you finally converted that spare room into your dream gym ready for home workouts? Or have you moved your car out of the garage to make room for your new adjustable bench, squat rack and barbells. If the answer is yes, then you are ready for the next step. Here we will take you back to basics with what you need to know.

First, Plan Your Home Workouts Program

What’s your home fitness goal?

General health and fitness? Bodybuilding and adding new lean muscle? Strength training? Why not all three?

Different goals require different approaches

In this case the amount of weight used, intensity and the number of sets and reps. As a beginner, It is possible to “mix it up” and gain size, strength and improve your overall health by combining the best components of each approach during your home workouts.

For example, for each exercise you should include 1-2 sets using lighter weights at 8-12 reps 1-2 sets of using moderate weights at 5-8 reps and finish each muscle group with heavy weights in the 3-5 repetition range. This approach will work for men and women and will develop a well defined physique, burn stored body fat and prevent muscle loss caused by aging.

Progressive Overload

Strength training and bodybuilding (adding size and strength) are the result of a theory known as progressive overload. As an example, if you lift a 25 pound dumbbell 8 times (reps) today but can lift it 12 times (reps) two weeks later, your body has “adapted” to that weight.

To become stronger (and more muscular) you must now use a 30 pound dumbbell and repeat the process. Increasing the weight over time is progressively overloading the muscle to make it grow. The entire process is known as “resistance” or weight training and can also help your body burn fat. As you add new lean muscle to your frame, your metabolism will speed up causing your body to burn more calories throughout the day.

Design A Full Body Home Workout

Regardless of the number of sets and reps or weight you use, ALWAYS train your entire body and since you are a beginner. NEVER train more often than every other day in order to avoid injury and overtraining. Full body workouts using compound or multi-joint exercises will help you build a strong foundation and core. This supports your strong legs, chest, back and shoulders!

Focus On Compound (Multi-Joint) Exercises

Compound exercises activate (involve) multiple joints and multiple muscle groups. As a beginner you will be tempted to do countless repetitions of curls. This is an isolation exercise that only works the small muscles on the front of your arm (biceps) and your elbow. Your biceps might grow a little, but you’ll always be the skinny guy with biceps – don’t be that guy!

Your time and effort would be better spent (with better results) performing compound exercises which build size, strength and power while improving your athletic ability.

As a beginner (or intermediate) trainee you can build a very strong and powerful foundation using only FIVE basic exercises:

  • Squats
  • Bench Presses
  • Military Presses
  • Barbell Rows
  • Deadlifts

These five basic exercises, performed every other day during your home workouts, will train your entire body most effectively, with the maximum results in the minimum amount of time!

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