Home Workouts are Better Than Going to the Gym

The year 2020 brought a new way of looking at how we workout. With gym closings and the explosion of home workouts through online training, going to the gym isn’t the priority it once was. Here are five reasons working out from home is better than hitting the gym.

1. No ‘Gymtimidation’

I know we’ve all been there. That moment you walk into the gym, and it looks like the cast of Baywatch decided to workout at the same time you did. It can bring down the energy of a workout before you’ve even started. With home workouts, you can let it all hang out without the worry of being judged. Thus, allowing you to keep your confidence high and your mind focused on the task at hand

2. Cleaner Environment

The coronavirus pandemic brought the need for all of us to be more conscientious of our surroundings and the germs around us. No matter how clean a gym is, you can never be too sure if you’re entirely safe. There is a constant rotation of sweaty bodies on different equipment, and we can’t always trust everyone is wiping it down as is expected. Working out from home gives you the peace of mind of staying healthy while getting in shape.

3. Home Workout Equipment

Having your own equipment not only means you know your equipment is clean, but it also means you don’t have to wait for someone to finish their workout so you can get on with yours. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a workout only to stop and replan because someone is using the equipment you are heading for next. Having your own home workout equipment means no waiting. This means you can keep those heart rates up and continue killing your workout until the very end.

4. Quick Access to Meals

Eating in that essential 30 to 45 minutes post-workout is almost as important as the workout itself. Many times, gym workouts mean foregoing that substantial meal afterward. And if you do get the meal, you probably had to stop somewhere to buy it. A home workout means you’ll have plenty of time to prepare a healthy meal in the time it’s most important. It also means not having the temptation to stop and buy food on the way home saving you money.

5. Workout on Your Time

Gym memberships mean you are limited to that gym’s operating hours. That isn’t realistic for so many these days. Most of us work when the gym is open, and there isn’t enough time to eat, workout, and shower on a regular lunch break. Working out from home means getting in shape around your unique schedule. Not to mention, many companies still have employees working remotely. So, why go to the gym when you can work on those squats while sending an email through Alexa?


Getting in shape can be hard enough without all the added pressures of going to the gym. With all the advancements of home workouts and home workout equipment, hitting the gym isn’t as much of a necessity. If you’re looking to get in shape, but don’t think you have time for a gym membership, don’t sweat it! Working out from home is cleaner, more practical, and more efficient.

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