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Home workout – The Driving Force Behind The Revolution?

There’s a huge transformation in what is happening behind many closed doors especially when it comes to a home workout.

Pinterest’s statistics published at the end of last year indicate that we’re moving towards a complete revolution for fitness at home. In November 2019, the searches for “simple exercises for weight training” went up by 1423%. There was also an increase in the searches regarding “HIIT workout at home” by 290%. These statistics were taken from Evening Standard.

Gym memberships

Financial watchdogs have reported that fitness clubs and gyms are on the rise. Although having a membership isn’t enough for most people. Fridge Raiders is a protein-snack company that revealed last year that people wasted approximately £4 billion on plenty of gym memberships they never bothered using.

A company that’s famous for its chicken bites conducted excellent research. Even though it wasn’t entirely clear, its results were startling. The findings might be shocking to those who have an old membership card lying in the drawer. It suggests that billions of people are only wasting money. They are paying about £35 each month on something that they will not utilize.

Home workout

According to Shape, a fitness website, home workouts are becoming increasingly popular because people are so consumed by responsibilities that they don’t have time to go to the gym. Therefore, people are craving exercising opportunities at the place and time that is suitable for them.

Evidence suggests that exercising regularly is the best way to keep your body healthy and steer clear of serious illnesses such as cancer, dementia, and diabetes. Below are the five reasons that will compel you to get on the bandwagon of home workouts.

  1. You can fight your fears:

In the study conducted by Fridge Raiders, it was seen that people didn’t continue going to gyms because they felt intimidated. According to the results, 22% of people felt that that entire experience was intimidating. Furthermore 18% said that they felt other people were constantly watching them. Suppose you have some training equipment in your house. In that case, you can easily workout without having to worry about many things. These things are usually being scrutinized, gawked at, corrected by trainers, or by other gym-goers who want to become acquaintances with you.

  1. You can utilize your time in a better way:

When you are busy in your lifestyle with relationships, family commitments, work, and social life, you’ll be left with only a little bit of time for exercise. If you’re particularly not so fond of exercising, you won’t make an effort to include it in your busy schedule.

When you work out at home, you can select the exercise equipment yourself and change your lazy habits. That’s because you wouldn’t need to waste any time coordinating a sports outfit, packing your sports bar, and then driving yourself to the sports centre or gym. You can immediately start exercising in the comfort of your home and do an intense half-hour exercise. That will make a huge difference in your fitness and health.

  1. You can train hard without any distractions:

Commonly, people go to gyms, lift some heavyweights and spend the rest of their time at the sauna. Usually, at homes, there isn’t a sauna, and that helps to remove all temptation. You’ll stay more focused on your goal to get yourself in shape. Turn up the music, get your equipment and start working out in a distraction-free environment.

  1. You’ll save a lot of money:

You will have to spend a little bit on the equipment you need for workouts. However, it’s a one-time investment. You can spend the money you have saved from that unused membership of the gym. You don’t need to get a lot of equipment; only a few pieces can make your muscles work. With this, you’ll spend less than spending on expensive memberships, and in the long-run, you can make a sustainable and lasting difference.

  1. There are no dressing limitations:

These days, the sports fashion industry is doing great. Many people are spending a lot on muscle-fit tops and leggings with tight-fitting. To avoid putting so much hard work into your appearance before working out, you can simply exercise at home. All you need is an old shirt.

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