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10 Techniques on How to Enhance Your Mental Health

Just like you cannot get toned arms by lifting weights once, you cannot improve your mental health by just practicing once. This process requires patience, gratitude, and stability to become fully successful. Neuroscientists have been working for a long time and finally figured out how to develop the way our brains work. We have learned […]

Ten benefits of practicing yoga

Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that people have been carrying out for ages. Throughout the years, it has transformed a lot through meditation, philosophy, and religion. In today’s world, it has become a popular activity. There is a variety of types of yoga, and that makes it suitable for everyone. It doesn’t […]

Weight Bench Workout for Beginners

Starting On the Bench  The weight bench is an excellent piece of equipment to take start with building a new body. A weight bench helps you get a better strength-training workout. There could be some flat benches, some upright, while some with padded backs. You can even find the adjustable ones to slide them to […]

How to utilise a squat rack

If you want to start training at home, then purchasing a good quality squat rack is essential. With the help of a squat rack, you can get a full-body extensive workout. Having a rack is important for initiating safe training. It allows you to get a loaded bar safely on the shoulders and stop the […]

Why use the Overload Principle?

The overload principle is a fairly straightforward idea that posits that in order to improve your health and get in better shape. For this you must progressively overload your body. Lifting heavy weights, running longer distances, working out more days a week, along with other forms of physical exertion. This causes the body to adjust […]

Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

  History Of Kettlebells A kettlebell is a weight topped by a curved handle. This should be gripped with one or both hands. Kettlebells date back to ancient Greece. They were later used by farmers as counterweights to weigh grain in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. During the 1800s the kettlebell joined the traveling […]

Benefits of Functional Training

Benefits of Functional Training Functional training is an approach to fitness that involves training your body to perform activities of daily living. This means things like climbing stairs, carrying and loading groceries or lifting your grandchild. This type of training grew out of physical therapy and rehab training. With the end goal being functional independence. […]